Menallen Township Supervisors

The Township is governed by a three member Board of Supervisors, each is elected for a staggered six year term. The Supervisors are vested with the executive and legislative powers of the Township. They establish municipal policy and enact laws that will help maintain the health, safety and welfare of the residents. The Supervisors also set the budget, pay bills, establish tax rates and execute contracts. 

John R Yantko, Joseph Petrucci, Brian May

Road Department

The Road Department is comprised of full time employees who maintain over 33 miles of Township roads. The Department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of equipment, erection of street signs, winter snow and ice removal, storm sewer and drain work. 

Barry Jordan, Steve Myers, Robert Guard

Secretary and Treasurer

The Secretary and Treasurer are appointed by the Supervisors each year. Under the Supervisors direction, the Secretary manages the daily functions of the Township Office, while the Treasurer is responsible for the proper accounting and reporting of all financial activities of the Township. The treasurer also prepares budges and provides financial information to the Board. 

John R. Yantko

Board of Auditors

The Board of Audits, settles and adjusts the accounts of the Township annually in accordance with the provisions of the second class Township code. 

Dave Madison, Steve Forsyth, Bernard Sandrosky Jr. 

Code Enforcement Officer

The Code Enforcement Officer has powers and abilities, which are greeted to him under the laws of the Commonwealth, of the rules of the Supreme Cost or the ordinances of the Township for which a fine or penalty is imposed unless otherwise expected in this act. 

Myron Nypaver

Township Solicitor

The Board of Audits, settles and adjusts the accounts of the Township annually in accordance with the provisions of the second class Township code. 

Douglas Sepic

Office Staff

Our office staff is the information epicenter for the Township. We have wonderful people that are patient, efficient and ready to assist you with your calls and emails. They will get your questions and concerns to the proper people for a prompt response.

Linda Burke, Tracy Kutek

Trash Hauler

Fayette Waste



Your Tax Dollars

The Township and County Taxes are included on your bill, which are mailed in April of each year. The School District Taxes are mailed in August of each year, with all tax bills having discounts, face and penalty periods. Also included on these are per capita. 

Southwest Regional Tax Bureau collects earned income tax or wage tax, which 1% of gross wages. They also collect occupation privilege tax, which is $52.00 each year for the school district.

South West Tax Bureau

One Central Way, Scottdale, PA 15683

1(800) 832-2314

Menallen Township takes pride in taking care of you.

Spring Clean Up!
Menallen Township Spring Clean up days are April 21st and 22nd – same day as your garbage day. Please remember to put your Spring Clean up items out with your trash on your designated garbage day.