Outdoor Recreation

Being outside is wonderful and Menallen Township has some of the most beautiful views in Fayette County. We are blessed with outdoor recreation opportunities such as hunting, fishing, four wheeling, camping, hiking, golfing and more. Menallen Township has a large group of avid outdoor sportsmen and we cherish our natural resources. Take a moment and learn more about our outdoor recreation opportunities.

Menallen Township is a community of outdoor appreciating residents.


Get out there and get healthy. The outdoors means exercise and exercise is good for our residents.

Work/Life balance

Menallen Township encourages balance. It’s hard to find and make happen, but that shouldn’t stop you from making it part of our lives.

Exercise/Enjoy Life

Menallen Township residents enjoy the outdoors and being part of it. Exercise is part of life we have wonderful places.

Living the dream in Menallen Township…

In Menallen Township we feel like we are living the dream. Happiness is a state of mind and we want to share ours with you.

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Menallen Township has a make up of wonderful people. We have a history that is well known and documented. Now we want to be known for what we are going to do and that is cultivate a strong place for families to grow and succeed in a community.