Winter Maintenance

Winter has its difficulties and taking on a township has compounded difficulties. We appreciate your understand.

In order to make snow removal easier for our Road Department, please park all automobiles including recreation vehicles, boats, trailers, etc. in off-street spaces. This will eliminate the chances of damage to vehicles, prevent accidents and will aid in a more efficient means of operation. 

We will not attempt to plow, if such obstructions are present during the snow removal process. The township will not be responsible for damage to shrubbery, damage to mailboxes or any other private property located with the the Township right-of-way. Also, shoveling snow from your driveway onto Township roads is illegal and subject to a fine. Please cooperate with us so we can make the roads safe for everyone.


Menallen Township Supervisors

Menallen Township is a community of outdoor appreciating residents.

Off Street

Recreational Vehicles such as boats, trailers, etc. need to be stored away from the main roads.


Our plows throw grimy road material in the winter. Damage to overgrown shrubbery is not our fault.

Safe For Everyone

We go the extra mile during winter maintenance so you can safely drive for miles. Thanks for helping us do our jobs for you.

Living the dream in Menallen Township…

In Menallen Township we feel like we are living the dream. Happiness is a state of mind and we want to share ours with you.

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Menallen Township has a make up of wonderful people. We have a history that is well known and documented. Now we want to be known for what we are going to do and that is cultivate a strong place for families to grow and succeed in a community.