Trash Maintenance

Trash is a dirty job but somebody needs to do it.

We work with Fayette waste as our Trash Haulers. If you get the chance say thanks and tell them you appreciate them one morning. Menallen Township sure appreciates them.


Fayette Waste

Township trash pickup days are Thursday and Friday each week.


The Township is asking citizens support in an attempt to eliminate illegal dumping along Township roads.  Your assistance in reporting this illegal act will be most appreciated and will allow our Township to be a clean place to live. We would appreciate it if citizens would call and report the license number of vehicles that are dumping illegally. Your identity will be kept confidential or is not required.


Twice a year the Township holds a CLEAN UP DAY, where the township will take hard to recycle items on the same day as the trash pickup day. We will not take tires, car parts, paint & paint cans, liquids, electronics, TVs, Construction material, batteries, light bulbs, yard waste and items containing anti-freeze or Freon. Handicapped or seniors who need assistance in removing an item from their house should call the Township. Clean up day is set for April & October easy year. The date for cleanup will be set at the regular Township monthly meeting.

Menallen Township is a community of outdoor appreciating residents.

Thursday and Friday

Trash pick up days are two times a week.

Help Stop Illegal Dumping

Come on now, we all need to be responsible for what we throw away. Please do not dump items illegally. It’s bad for everyone.

Clean Up Days

Watch for clean up days for hard to dispose of items in April and October.

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Menallen Township has a make up of wonderful people. We have a history that is well known and documented. Now we want to be known for what we are going to do and that is cultivate a strong place for families to grow and succeed in a community.