Animal Control

Menallen township loves animals. Sometimes you may get a rabid animal and need to call a professional.

The Township’s Animal Control officer is Gary Hoffman of Hoffman Kennels. He is located at 285 Cloverleaf Drive, Delmont. and can be contacted for any complaints.


Please remember in extreme temperatures to make sure your animals are protected from all weather related elements such as cold and heat. Also, that they have proper shelter.

Menallen Township is a community of outdoor appreciating residents.

Be Careful

Rabid animals? Call a professional.


Care for your animals and be a responsible pet owner so others. Thanks.

Homes for Pets

We don’t like to be outside in cold temperatures or wet weather neither do pets.

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Menallen Township has a make up of wonderful people. We have a history that is well known and documented. Now we want to be known for what we are going to do and that is cultivate a strong place for families to grow and succeed in a community.